Nougat Bars Recipe

Nougat is one of the delicious desserts that are widely prepared in the countries of the Arab world, where methods of preparing it differ from one kitchen to another, some of which are chocolate, pistachio, sesame, hazelnut, or peanut, and are characterized by their white color and sweet taste, and in this article we will talk About the different ways to make nougat at home.


° 2 cups fine sugar.

° A cup lukewarm water.

° Juice half a grain lemon.

° A tablespoon ground cardamom.

° 3 quarters a cup of crushed pistachios.

° 4 cups dry milk.

° A tablespoon vegetable oil.

° Half a cup cornstarch.


Mix sugar with water and lemon juice. The mixture is placed in a pot over a low heat, and stirred continuously for at least a quarter of an hour until a dense drop is formed. Remove the pot from the heat, add the cardamom, and set aside to cool. Finely grind half of the amount of pistachios, and add to the syrup. Add half of the milk, and mix the ingredients together. Add the remaining amount of milk gradually, taking care to continue mixing until a cohesive dough is formed. Fingers are moistened with oil, forming small balls of the mixture. Roll the nougat balls onto the starch until completely enveloped.