“When I got into the Uber, I fell in love with the driver. We ended up getting married”

Have you ever been seduced to the point of wanting to ask your driver for his phone number? This is what happened to Jared against Micaela.

Love often comes when you least expect it. And sometimes even surprisingly. For Micaela and Jared, it was in Uber that he pointed the tip of his nose. To put some butter in her spinach, Micaela O’Toole, 27, a physics student at Saint Louis University (Missouri), punctually wears the Uber driver’s hat. On this Saturday, September 10, 2016, the first day of the Saint-Louis fair, there are people to be conveyed. So she decides to devote her day to it. After a busy morning, and as she prepares for a well-deserved lunch break, a new demand falls. She decides to postpone her meal to honor it.

“I went to the meeting point and two women sat in the back asking me to wait for their cousin Jared who was arriving, says Micaela. I then saw a beautiful redhead with blue eyes walking towards the When he opened the door and sat down next to me, I was already under the spell. We both chatted during the twenty minutes of the trip as if we knew each other, “she adds. , still exhilarated. “When we reached our destination, we were intimidated, reports Jared Thomas, 30 years old. And since I didn’t want to be the scary guy who asked for a phone number after twenty minutes, neither did she, the Uber driver, who flirted with her client, we left like that. “

Micaela called her mother to say, “I met my future husband!”

One month after this meeting, Micaela tries to change her mind by browsing Bumble, a dating site. All the profiles are so bland compared to the handsome young man crossed in his car. She scrolls through the photos as one flips through an old magazine, when suddenly her eyes widen: Jared is there, on his screen! This time, she does not miss her chance. She immediately sends him a message, to which he replies. He too remembers that bright blonde who immediately dazzled him. Happy to meet again, they agree to see each other the next day.

“I wish this meeting never stopped,” remembers Micaela. “We stayed together for five hours. It was wonderful.” They see each other every day. “After a week, I knew we were made for each other,” said Jared. “At the end of that first week, I called my mother to say:” I met my future husband! “”, Smiles Micaela again. She was not mistaken: after three fiery years, Jared and she married on March 16, 2019 in Washington, where they now live and work. Touched by the incredible story of its conductor, Uber offered all the journeys linked to the ceremony. In the 18th century, when two lovebirds had a passionate relationship, it was said that they lived “a love transport”. Micaela and Jared were able to give this expression a very nice news!