These 26 films to see on Disney +

The Disney + platform has been available in France since April 07 with enough content so that no one is bored during this period of confinement. We have selected for you these 30 films available on the platform that you absolutely must see without moderation.

1 – Avatar

Jake Sully, a former marine locked in a wheelchair, is recruited to travel light years from Earth, on Pandora, where powerful industrial groups exploit an extremely rare mineral intended to solve the energy crisis on Earth.

2 – Pirate Of The Caribbean

Discover the adventures of Jack Sparrow, the most unpredictable pirates, played by Johnny Depp.

3 – The Incredibles

Bob Paar was once one of the greatest superheroes on the planet, saving hundreds of lives and fighting evil. Today, routine has won him over, Mr. Indestructible is a small insurance expert who only faces boredom and a constantly increasing waistline.

4 – The Chronicles of Narnia

Inspired by a classic of Anglo-Saxon children’s literature, The World of Narnia is the adventure of several children who play a central role in the history of the fictional kingdom of Narnia, a place where animals speak, magic is common, and good fights evil.

5 – High School Musical

Troy and Gabriella share the same love for the song. However Troy is the star of the sideboard and the basketball team while Gabriella is new in high school and is categorized as an intellectual, when they decide to audition in the musical of the century, it shakes the established social order .

6 – Rasta Rockett

This is the story of a Jamaican bobsled team fighting to compete in the four-man bobsleigh event at the Calgary Winter Olympics.

7 – Queen Of Katwe

Phiona lives in Katwe, a slum in Kampala where she lives with her family in precarious conditions. His fate will be turned upside down by his meeting with Robert Katende, an engineer who teaches children the art of chess. The girl is passionate about the game and quickly becomes, with the advice of her coach, an excellent player.

8 – Night at the museum 1 & 2

Larry made an astonishing discovery during his first night as a security guard at the Museum of Natural History in New York: After dark all the works and pieces come to life. Larry is quickly overwhelmed and no longer knows where to turn in the face of the Huns’ invasion, the escape of a tyrannosaurus and an unbearable joker monkey.

9 – Star Wars

A powerful enemy returns and Rey must face her destiny . Find the Georges Lucas on Disney +

10 – Xmen

The Xmen are back and this time on Disney +. Find all the films from the hit saga and follow the adventures of your favorite heroes.

11 – The Avengers

Find all the adventures of the most superhero gang on Disney +.

12 – Iron man

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr, is a genius inventor, arms salesman and billionaire playboy. The megalomaniac has secretly built revolutionary high-tech armor that he will use to bring justice and protect the innocent.

13 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill is wanted by all bounty hunters because he stole the globe coveted by the mighty Ronan. When Peter discovers the power of the globe and the threat to the galaxy, he joins forces with four wacky aliens to save the galaxy.

14 – Fantastic Four

After an accident, four researchers find themselves endowed with superpowers that they will have to learn to master to save the Earth from an old ally who has become their enemy.

15 – Toy story

Follow the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the whole gang on Disney +

16 – Finding Nemo

Follow the adventures of Marin, a clown fish, in search of his son Nemo. In spite of himself, Marin becomes the hero of a unique and thrilling quest without knowing that his scaled offspring has been taken to a dentist’s aquarium.

17 – The Simpsons movie

Find Homer, Marge and the family in new adventures.

18 – Maggie Simpson In Play Date With Destiny

Maggie falls in love with a baby who saved him from danger at the playground. Are we at the start of a great love story?

19 – Monstres & Cie

Follow the adventures of the agency Monstres & Cie, the largest call processing plant in the city. Thanks to the impressive number of cupboard doors available to the factory, a team of elite monsters enters the human world to terrify children at night and collect their howls.

20 – African Cats

In Kenya, in one of the wildest regions of the world, animals live free and far from humans. South of the river that divides these magnificent lands reigns the clan of lions, led by Fang. The lioness Layla raises the young Mara there. Between hunting and powerful family ties, it is the life of a family that is written. North of the river, the lion Kali and his four sons dream of expanding their territory.

21 – Edward Scissorhands

Find Johnny Depp in the famous film Edward Scissor hands.

22 – Lady and the Tramp

” Lady and the Tramp ” is the live adaptation of the Disney cartoon released in 1997.

23 – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The facetious professor Wayne Szalinski designed a laser beam capable of shrinking objects. Her children, Amy and Nick as well as their friends Ron and Russ unfortunately experience it.

24 – Dolittle

Discover the adventures of Doctor John Dolittle and his animal friends

25 – Sister Act 1 & 2

Dolores van Cartier, a former disco diva, joined a convent to protect herself after witnessing a murder. She will then give a new impetus to the religious establishment, inviting in particular the good sisters to a musical reorchestration of their songs.

26 – Prince of Persia

A young fugitive prince and princess must stop a villain who, with a special dagger, unknowingly threatens to destroy the world that allows the magic sand inside to reverse time.