Locked up for 26 years by her mother, she ate cat food

A Russian woman, denied discharge by her mother, had not left her home for 26 years. Her ordeal was such that she hadn’t washed her hair for twelve years, and shared the food of their cats.

It’s an absolutely incredible story. A Russian woman had not left home for 26 years. Now 42, Nadezhda Bushueva hadn’t set foot outside since the age of 16. Her mother, named Tatyana, forbade her from leaving the family home, located in the village of Arefinksy, in western Russia, in order to protect her from the outside world. She told her ordeal in the Russian newspaper Nia Novosti, Tuesday, June 23, as reported by our colleagues from CNews.

Nadezhda Bushueva was able to regain his freedom after his mother fell ill and had to be taken to hospital. And the least we can say is that his 26 years of “confinement” seem incredible. Like his mother, Nadehda Bushueva did not work, and both of them lived on a state pension. As she explained, Nadehda Bushueva experienced a real ordeal. For twelve years, she hadn’t washed her hair. She rarely changed clothes and slept in her mother’s bed with their cats, some of which were dead. And that’s not all, since she also shared the food of the pets in question for several years.