Elizabeth II, jealous of Lady Diana? She was “scared by this competitor”

Relations between Lady Diana and Elizabeth II were very complex. In the early 1990s, the mother of William and Harry caused a lot of distrust of the monarch, who was “scared by this competitor”, according to an expert on royalty in 50 minutes inside on TF1.

In 68 years of reign, Elizabeth II has seen some of the most powerful personalities, men and women, pass without disturbing Her Majesty. There is, however, one that will have seriously worried the monarch. It is obviously Lady Diana, ex-wife of Prince Charles, mother of Princes William and Harry.

In 1993, Elizabeth II’s distrust of her daughter-in-law reached its peak. “Freshly separated from Prince Charles, she is ultra-media and upsets the well-established codes of the monarchy. All of England takes up the cause for this unhappy princess, whose marriage with Prince Charles ends in a divorce”, explains 50 minutes Inside on TF1 on Saturday July 4th.

Then journalist Ingrid Seward added: “Relations between the Queen and Diana were complex. You could even say that they were very bad because the Princess was very publicized. She had become more popular than the Queen.” A craze for the Princess of Hearts which Elizabeth II does not like at all. And it’s nothing to say …

An “explosive situation”
“For the first time in her life, Elizabeth II was frightened by this competitor,” still remembers the expert journalist of the crowned heads. 50 minutes inside evokes “an explosive situation between the two women”.

This competition between the queen and her daughter-in-law repeatedly gave the monarch white hair. The multiple breaches of the Princess of Hearts protocol were instrumental in this. On March 9, 1981, at a charity gala at Goldsmith’s Hall in London, Lady Diana chose to wear a black dress, usually tinted reserved for periods of mourning. The young woman then does not see her error at all … “In my eyes, black was the most elegant color that one can wear at 19 years”, she had estimated with her biographer Andrew Morton, author of Diana – Her true story published in 1992.