Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) future president of the United States? He smashes Donald Trump

Many stars are getting into politics, especially in the United States. And Dwayne Johnson may well be the next to try this new experience. The Rock has indeed posted a long speech addressed to Donald Trump, where he tackles him. The star evokes a leader who could make a difference. Does he speak for himself? Does he want to become the future president of the United States? It is not the first time that he has put the subject on the carpet.

The Rock attacks Donald Trump

While the name of Cyril Hanouna is regularly mentioned to be a presidential candidate in 2022 in France, like Afida Turner who announced his candidacy, in the United States also a personality could present himself. Who is that ? Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. While the Black Lives Matter movement is in full swing following the death of George Floyd, the actor spoke to Donald Trump in a video posted on his Instagram account. “Where are you ?” he asked the current President of the United States. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger who had been elected governor of the USA, could the former wrestler get into politics? And become president of the United States?


The cast of the Fast & Furious saga continued to address Donald Trump in a long message: “Our country is paralyzed and on its knees, begging to be heard and pleading for change. Where’s our leader The leader who unifies and inspires our country at the most painful time when we need it most. The leader who takes the lead and takes full responsibility for our country and embraces it all. The leader who takes our country on its knees and who says: ‘You have my word – we have it – and together, change will happen’ “. “Where are you? Because we’re all here,” added Dwayne Johnson.

“Maybe one day this galvanizing leader will emerge”

The actor, who is very proud of his daughter Simone, who follows in his father’s footsteps, also said: “Maybe one day this galvanizing leader will emerge. In any case, the process of change has already start”. A sentence that suggests that The Rock could consider being that leader the United States needs to unify the people?

Already in 2017, the sportsman who married Lauren Hashian had confessed to GQ: “Over the past year, people have been talking to me more and more (his candidacy for the American presidential election, editor’s note). I was receptive to this idea and that led me to question myself more seriously on this subject “, therefore” I believe that it is a real possibility “. And during the 2019 Sonic film promo, the production posted a video teaser in which the blue hero asked, “What year are we in? Is The Rock president?”