Cardi B: The rapper shows her natural hair and her transformation

Cardi B takes pleasure in surprising fans by changing their hairstyle frequently. She now shows them how to get smooth, silky hair. Thanks to an avocado-based mask, the rapper achieves an impressive transformation.

Thanks to social media, the stars are in direct contact with their fans. After having confided his indignation to his family since the murder of George Floyd, Cardi B shares with them his beauty tips. At home, in a bikini, the singer shows them her natural hair and reveals her recipe for making it smooth and silky.

Cardi B has almost 68 million followers on Instagram. 68 million Internet users with whom she shared a beauty moment in her story of Monday, June 8, 2020. The 27-year-old rapper filmed herself preparing an avocado-based hair mask, notably topped with mayonnaise , an egg and a banana, which she applied to her daughter Kulture (almost 2 years old). Cardi then showed her followers her natural hair, before starting her own transformation.

“So, this is how my hair is. It’s my texture,” says Cardi B in her story, her face not wearing makeup and wearing a bikini top. In the rest of his story, the wife of rapper Offset allows his subscribers to follow the progress of his treatment. A mask and a shampoo later, Cardi displays smooth and silky hair. The result is amazing.

“The end result, after all the stuff I put on my hair earlier. (…) Take care of your hair, girls … and don’t let a guy criticize the wigs. ..) It helps a lot to grow hair “, writes Cardi in the caption of his photo published Monday.

The bomb once again delights her admirers, to whom she recently showed her new tattoo.