Beardless men: classy or not to shave the body?

As the debate rages on female hair removal, let’s talk a little about that of men. Nowadays, there are more men shaving one to several parts of the body, for various reasons. Whether for aesthetic reasons or a hygiene issue, opinions are a bit divergent.

Hair hunting in men

Contrary to popular belief, male hair removal is not a recent development. And yes ! In order to differentiate itself from the animal, this practice began almost 2000 years before our era. A symbol of impurity still rooted in certain customs, the first techniques appeared among the Mesopotamian kings and ancient Egypt. This culture of hair removal continues from Roman Antiquity to the present day.

Besides, what about today? Is it a fashion effect that is resurfacing? Not really. There are many reasons, the first being aesthetics.

Looking like Chewbacca may seem unpleasant to some women when others see it as a powerful sign of virility and bestiality. For many, being hairless represents youthfulness. He has no hair, so he’s still a kid!

However, this coquetry is proving more and more widespread to the point of being a criterion of beauty in men. Indeed, the majority of male models will shave their torsos, establishing this phenomenon almost as a social dictate. Because in the spirit of this trend, a hairy bust “doesn’t look clean” and becomes neglected.

Hair regrowth

The coat has the reputation of being dirty because it retains the bad odors of perspiration. In reality, it only does its job, serving as a barrier against bacteria, temperature variations and UV aggression.

If it retains sweat, it is as a result of your body heating up, in order to refresh it. In addition, the sebaceous gland of the hair follicle secretes sebum, a substance that naturally waterproofs our epidermis. You can’t blame the hair for being unhygienic. And a perfectly shaved body should not rule out a good shower.

Nevertheless, as part of regular physical activity, having a baby skin can have certain interests. Top swimmers believe that a stuffed torso would dampen aerodynamics in the water and lose precious hundredths of a second. It is also more practical and comfortable for athletes who have to put on (and take off) a tight-fitting suit, cycling shorts, tights, etc.

Shave your body when you’re a man

For those who wish to embark on this practice, there are some guidelines. If your fleece is large, start by trimming your bush with an electric razor to shave your beard or a beard trimmer, which some men even use to shave their heads! Then it is advisable to use a shaving gel, preferably in the shower, so that the blade of your razor slides well. But beware of your nipples and consider moisturizing your skin afterwards.

As for the others, rest assured, you do not have a hair in your hand, because whatever the influence and your motivations, this decision is yours.