At 79, he loses his job because of the coronavirus and becomes a YouTube star

The fate of Carlos Elizondo was turned upside down by the coronavirus. To give a smile to this 79-year-old Mexican, who was forced to stop working in a supermarket, his daughter launched a cooking YouTube channel. And quickly, the septuagenarian found his audience.

Balloons in the air and an apron around the neck. At 79, Carlos Elizondo has decided to go behind the stove. An adventure that her daughter films and broadcasts … on Youtube! And it must be said that it is the original story of this Mexican from the city of Monterrey that conquered the public. Indeed, after seven years working in a supermarket, Carlos Elizondo was forced to stay home because of his advanced age. But how do you overcome boredom in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic? On May 25, her daughter created a channel called Tito Charly and shared her very first video. A 13-minute chorizo and stuffed chili recipe filmed with iPhone.

Tutorials with several emojis, and comments (in Spanish) from the daughter of the “chef”, who keeps saying “Que rico!” at each stage of culinary creation. And if the concept is simple, Internet users quickly joined. Indeed, quickly, the bar of 1000 subscribers was crossed. Recognition for Carlos Elizondo, father of 3 children and 6 grandchildren, who decided to celebrate it on video with a slew of balloons in the air.

His legendary good humor, Carlos Elizondo transmitted it to the Reforma newspaper. “I have always been positive, I try to move forward. There is nothing that is impossible, we can always find a way.”

The septuagenarian tried to take advantage of this success by launching his line of ingredients which includes cheese, chorizo, and dried meat. A new life at 79?