9 Best Aluminum Foil Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

1. Helps Sciatica Symptoms
Aluminum Foil Hacks

Sciatic pain can be burning, searing, and can feel even worse when you sit down.

Contacting your doctor with symptoms is definitely the most productive option for getting rid of the pain, but wrapping your legs in foil, similarly to how you would with muscle pain, can ease the discomfort.

2. Treats Signs Of Fatigue

Since foil reorganizes channels of energy in your body, it can help you feel more refreshed and balanced.

Many makeup artists swear by this trick to look more awake and refreshed regardless of how much sleep you got.

Put two small strips of foil in the refrigerator for several hours then place them under your eyes — you should look more awake once you take them off!

3. Boost WiFi Signal

Are you having difficulty connecting to the WiFi at home? Well, a simple piece of aluminum can help your chances of getting and staying online. All you need to do is fold some foil into a 4-inch by 6-inch rectangle. Then make a curved shape by bending inwards its shiniest part and then position your router just in front of it.

4. Eases Rheumatoid Arthritis

Foil can also help your body when it is experiencing numbness or joint pain.

Wrapping your fingers periodically in tinfoil can help ease the pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Make a funnel
Aluminum Foil Hacks temporary funnel

Can’t find a funnel? Double up a length of heavy-duty aluminum foil and roll it into the shape of a cone. This impromptu funnel has an advantage over a permanent funnel—you can bend the aluminum foil to reach awkward holes, like the oil filler hole tucked against the engine of your lawn tractor.

6. Grilled cheese maker
Aluminum Foil Hacks Grilled cheese maker

Do you fancy sprucing up the humble cheese sandwich but don’t have a grill to hand? Well, as long as you have an iron and some foil, you’re in luck. Just wrap the bread and cheese in the aluminum and after placing it on a hot iron for ten minutes, you have the tastiest of snacks.

7. Eases Muscle Pain
Aluminum Foil Hacks Eases Muscle Pain

Wrapping foil around any sore muscles can help relieve the pain. Gently rolling foil around the sore area then fasten it to make sure it stays in place. Keep it on for eight to 12 hours and repeat the process for 10 to 12 days before taking a break for a week.

8. The Emergency Iron
Aluminum Foil Hacks The emergency iron

Has your iron just broken and you’re strapped for time? No worries: simply wrap some aluminum foil around a long-handled pan, heat it on the stove and get ironing. It may look a little unusual, but it’ll work out the creases as effectively as your normal iron.

9. Deter Birds
Aluminum Foil Hacks Deter birds

Birds – even magpies, contrary to popular belief – aren’t fans of shiny objects. Attach some foil to an apple or pear tree and your feathered enemies will leave the fruit that’s rightfully yours well alone.