Grandma’s Pork Chops in Mushroom Gravy


PREPERATION 20 minutes

COOKING 45 minutes

TOTAL 65 minutes

PORTION (S) 4 servings


° 4 pork chops

° 1 can (284 ml) cream of mushroom

° 4 oz beers

° 1 cup mushrooms

° 2 shallots, chopped

° salt to taste

° pepper to taste


STEP 1 : Brown the pork chops on both sides. Remove the fat.

2ND STEP : Place the chops in a baking dish.

STEP 3 : Mix the cream of mushroom undiluted with the beer. Pour over the chops.

STEP 4 : Garnish the top with the mushrooms and chopped shallots. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

STEP 5 : Bake in 350 ° F oven. for 46 min

STEP 6 : You can serve with baby potatoes, baby carrots and green beans or any other vegetable of your choice.

AUTHOR’S NOTE (S) : Pork chops can be butterfly cut or other cut. Fresh mushrooms can be whole or sliced.

Enjoy !

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