Lime Curd No bake Cheesecake Recipe

1 Cup Two English Shortbread crumbled.
1.5 oz Butter
6 Oz condensed Milk
4 Oz plain cream cheese
4 oz Heavy Whipping cream
1/2 Cup Two English Ladies Lime Curd
Cream the cream cheese until smooth using a hand mixer.
Add the condensed milk.
Mix until smooth.
Add the Two English Ladies Lime curd.
Whip the heavy whipping cream in another bowl until soft peaks.
Fold into cheese mixture.
Mix crumbled shortbread with the softened butter.
Using silicone mold fill each mold with cream cheese mixture 3/4 way to the top.
Top with shortbread crumbles.
Place on tray in freezer for about 4 hours or until set.
Unmold carefully and serve with the crumble at the bottom.
Top with a spoon full of Two English Ladies Lime curd and a slice of lime.
Makes about 12 mini cheesecakes.
Keep frozen until ready to serve.

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