* 2 cup A&W Cream Soda cold

* ½ tsp caramel extract

* ½ tsp butter extract

Cream Topping:

* 1 cup heavy whipping cream chilled

* ½ tsp butter extract

* ½ tsp vanilla extract

* ¼ cup butterscotch syrup

* ¼ cup powdered sugar


Prior to starting the recipe chill (in the freezer) the serving glasses, pitcher, and large mixing bowl for 30 minutes.

In the large pitcher combine A&W cream soda, caramel extract, and butter extract. Gently stir with a large spoon.

In the chilled large mixing bowl add heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and butter extract. Beat together for 30 seconds. Add powdered sugar and continue to beat until stiff peaks form.

PRO TIP: Chilling the large mixing bowl is key for this recipe. It will ensure that your heavy cream forms stiffpeaks. Don’t skip freezing your bowl!

Immediately add the butterscotch topping and fold together with a rubber spatula until no streaks remain.

Fill chilled glasses with cream soda mixture. Top with the butter cream topping.

PRO TIP: If using straws in your drink be careful. When you put the straw in the cream and push down to the soda it tends to fizz up a bit. If you leave a little extra room on the top of your glass it won’t overflow when you add the straw!

Serve and enjoy!

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