11 Actors We Have Lost Recently

1. Kirk Douglas

Actor Kirk Douglas died on February 5 aged 103 at his home in Beverly Hills, California surrounded by family. The cause of death was kept private.

Following his debut big screen appearance in the 1946 film The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Douglas went on to star in nearly 100 movies, including the role he was most famous for, Spartacus.

Kirk Douglas is survived by wife Anne, and three sons.

2. Dame Diana Rigg

Actress Diana Rigg died on September 10 aged 82 following a short battle with cancer.

The British star had a number of iconic roles during her long career. Many will remember her as Emma Peel in action series The Avengers and for her appearance in Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as Tracy, 007’s wife.

More recently, her turn as sassy scheming matriarch Olenna Tyrell in hit HBO show Game of Thrones won her a new generation of fans.

She is survived by her daughter, fellow actress Rachael Stirling, and a grandson.

3. Max Von Sydow

Actor Max von Sydow passed away on March 8, aged 90, at his home in Provence, France, no cause was given.

He  was a Swedish-French actor and had a 70-year career in European and American cinema, television, and theatre, appearing in more than 150 films and several television series in multiple languages. His career spanned many cult favourites including Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Von Sydow was survived by his wife and his four sons.

4. Scott Wilson

Actor Scott Wilson died on October 6 2018, aged 76 following a battle with leukemia.

The star appeared in more than 50 movies, including The Great Gatsby and Pearl Harbor. He also portrayed Hershel Greene on the hit TV series The Walking Dead, as well as having a recurring role on CSI.

Wilson is survived by his wife, Heavenly, an artist and attorney.

5. Thomas Jefferson Byrd

Actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd died on October 3, aged 70.

After an emergency call was made in Atlanta, Georgia, Byrd was found unresponsive with multiple gunshot wounds in his back and pronounced dead

Byrd was an American character actor who is best known for his collaborations with Oscar winner Spike Lee. The duo worked together on eight films between 1995 and 2005, including 1995’s “Clockers.

Byrd is survived by his son, three daughters, four grandchildren, and his ex-wife, Victoria Byrd.

6. Robert Forster

Actor Robert Forster died in Los Angeles on October 11 2019 after battling brain cancer at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by family. He was 78.

Forster was best-known for his role as the bail bondsman Max Cherry in Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 film Jackie Brown, for which he earned an Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category.

He also appeared in the television series Breaking Bad and, most recently, its film spin-off El Camino.

He is survived by his longtime partner, Denise Grayson, a son, three daughters, and four grandchildren.

7. Richard carter

The great Australian character actor Richard Carter, Bullet Farmer in Mad Max: Fury Road died in 13 July 2019, aged 65 after a brief illness.

He was one of those actors whose name might not be instantly recognizable to the general public, but whose face certainly was.

Carter is survived by his wife, Lindsey, and daughter, Amy.

8. Verne Troyer

Actor Verne Troyer, star of Austin Powers, died aged 49, on 21 April 2018.

There was a statement on his Instagram page making reference to “depression and suicide.”

“Depression and Suicide are very serious issues,” the statement read.

“You never know what kind of battle someone is going through inside.

“Be kind to one another. And always know, it’s never too late to reach out to someone for help.”

Troyer is survived by partner Brittney Powell, parents and siblings.

9. Wilford Brimley

The Cocoon actor and face of Quaker Oats died at age 85 According to The New York Times, he had been suffering from a kidney ailment.

His best-known work was in “Cocoon,” in which he was part of a group of seniors who discover an alien pod that rejuvenates them. 

Brimley is survived by his wife Beverly and three sons

10. Gregory Tyree Boyce

Twilight actor Gregory Tyree Boyce died on May 13, aged 30.

The body of Boyce, who played Tyler Crowley in the movie franchise, is believed to have been found by his cousin, whom he lived with, at his home in Las Vegas. He died alongside his girlfriend, Natalie Adepoju, whose body was also discovered at the property.

Boyce shared an Instagram post about dying young, he said he didn’t think he would make it to 30, months before his sudden death.

11. Stevie Lee

Stevie Lee, Midget Wrestling star and actor, dead at age 54.

Lee, who wrestled under the name “Puppet The Psycho Dwarf,” had an unexpected heart attack in his home.

He has put smiles on people’s faces across the world with his hardcore attitude and lifestyle.

Lee is survived by his brother, wife and kids